1. What is Instagram?

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing application. It is available for iOS and Android. You can find out more from www.instagram.com

2. How does it work?

Once you click the Buy Now button, we will instruct you to login to your Instagram account. Once you're logged in, you will be able to select the photos that you want to print. Once you finish selecting the photos, we will take you to theme selection. Once you finish selecting the theme simply click Add to Cart. Then follow the quick checkout process.

3. Payment and Currency

We accept all major Credit Cards and securely process all of our payments through PayPal. For more information please see: https://www.paypal.com

Sometimes PayPal rejects direct credit card payment made by non-registered PayPal user. Please register with PayPal first, and then you will be able to made the payment using your card.

We use Australian Dollar as our currency. PayPal will automatically convert this into your local currency using their currency rates.

4. Shipping

We ship our products worldwide for FREE. We use Australia Post airmail for all our shipping. Please be aware that the production time is up to 7 business days. As per AusPost guidelines, it takes around 3-10 business days from the dispatch date for most mail to arrive. Some remote locations, holiday period, natural disaster or custom processing delay might push the delivery time.

We will email you once your product has been shipped. Unfortunately, airmail can't be tracked. Please contact us if your product has not arrive within the estimated time.

Shipment to Brazil has been known to take longer than the rest of the world. The package will reach Brazil in 10 business days, however Brazilian custom clearance can take around 2 months. So in total the package can take around 8-12 weeks to reach destinations in Brazil.

Shipment to Russia has been known to take longer than the rest of the world. The package will reach Russia in 10 business days, however Russian custom clearance can take around 6-8 weeks. So in total the package can take around 6-8 weeks to reach destinations in Russia.

Customers who resides in high-risk areas will be offered the chance to upgrade their shipping to express shipment (with tracking number). This will help our customer to receive their packs sooner. Plus the ability to track the status of their shipment. The upgrade cost depends on the destination and the weight of the pack. If the customer choose to go with the standard airmail to the High Risk areas, the safety of the package is outside of our control and responsibility. Please see the point below for more details.

You can find out about Australia Post here: www.auspost.com.au

5. Shipping Upgrade

Please contact us if you wish to upgrade your shipping method from standard Airmail into Express Courier International. The cost will depend on the destination and the weight of the pack. We will be able to advise you.

For shipping to High-Risk Areas (e.g. Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Mexico, North Korea, etc) we recommend for our customer to upgrade into Express Courier International for better safety, tracking function, insurance and faster delivery. If the customer chooses to go with standard Airmail into the High Risk Areas, we are not responsible for the safety of the package. And we are not liable if the package is lost during shipment to the high-risk areas using standard airmail.

6. Production time

Because we lovingly craft each of our products, please allow up to 7 business days for us to craft your Origrami.

7. Geotagging or Photo Map

For Photo Map theme, we can only print the location of your photo if it's geo-tagged on your Instagram or if you include your photo in your photo map. For guidance on how to geo-tag your photos or to turn your Photo Map please see here: http://help.instagram.com/169549819835551

The map location printed is based on the actual geo-tag information of your photos. If there is no geo-tag information on your selected photo, we will not be able to print the photo map. Instead we will print 1 of 12 nicely designed backgrounds.

Photo map relies on the actual available map data from www.openstreetmap.org

Some remote locations might not have a fully accurate map information.

Map provider: © OpenStreetMap Contributors

8. Printing quality and colour accuracy

We print all our photographs in Sydney, Australia using top range professional printing machine. The quality of our prints depends on the source files. In general, the quality of low-light photos taken using older phones are not as good as photos taken using newer phones.

Please be aware when comparing the brightness and vibrancy of the photos on screen (with a light source behind it), versus printed photos (no light source behind). The printed photos will not look as bright and vivid as on screen.

This is because of the limitation of printing in CMYK versus the photograph's RGB colour mode. We have to convert all the RGB photos to CMYK to be able to print the photos. Colour printed using CMYK will in general have less vibrancy compared to the original RGB photographs.

It is normal for the prints to show a slightly different colour profile compared to viewing the photographs on screen or mobile. This is because screen based photo uses RGB colour space. We have to convert all photos to CMYK to print them. Even viewing photographs on different screens will show different colour profiles.

9. Gift Cards

We now have Virtual Gift Card (PDF) available for purchase. You can choose the amount of credit to give, with the full credit available to make any purchase. If the recipient chooses item/s that are more than the credit, the recipient will need to top-up the difference. The full credit is valid for 1 year and it's non-refundable.

Please let us know the amount of credit you wish to give, and we will send you a PayPal invoice. Once paid, we will manually generate the PDF and email it to you.

You can also customize the card with a short message on the front. So please let us know the short message you wish to include.

Please be aware that we can only generate the PDF during Australian business hours.

10. Design Themes

You are now able to select from the following themes.

PHOTOMAP. Front: Your Instagram photo. Back: Map of where the photo was taken (if geo-tagged). Or a selection of 12 colourful camera backgrounds. Plus your username (max 15 letters), date taken, number of likes, location tag and the first caption (max 140 letters and no emoticons).

SPECTRUM. Front: Your Instagram photo. Back: 36 coloured backgrounds. Plus your username, date taken, number of likes, location tag and the first caption (max 140 letters and no emoticons).

POSTCARD. Front: Your Instagram photo. Back: Airmail-style border. Plus your username, date taken and location tag.

BLANK. Front: Your Instagram photo. Back: nothing.

SPECTRUM FOR SQUARE Front: Your Instagram photo. Back: 36 coloured backgrounds. Plus the date taken, location tag and the first caption (max 120 letters and no emoticons).

11. Dates

Because we are an Australian company, we use Australian Date Format (DD/MM/YYYY) across all our correspondences and the dates printed on the back of the prints.

12. Insufficiently or wrongly addressed pack, returned mail and reshipping cost.

It is the customer’s responsibility to supply us with the complete and correct shipping address. We are not liable for any missing shipment caused by customer’s insufficiently supplied address.

Please check that you have supplied us with the complete and correct address. Missing apartment or unit number, wrong post-code, and other insufficiently or incorrectly supplied information will cause missing shipment.

If the customer's pack is returned to us because the customer have supplied an Insufficient Address or incorrect address, the full cost of re-shipping is payable by the customer. The cost vary depending on the destination and weight.

We do not give refunds or free reshipping to any insufficiently or wrongly addressed packages.

13. Technical Difficulties

Please email us at if you encounter any technical difficulties in using our website.

If possible please also explain the problem and include your Instagram username, browser name and version and the device you’re using (Mac, PC, iPhone, etc).

14. Other Image Sources

Unfortunately we can only print Instagram photos at this stage. If you wish to print photos from your DSLR, Lomo, Film, Facebook photos or Flickr, your need to upload it to your Instagram first. We are unable to process your photos manually via email.

15. Printing from Hashtag

We are legally unable to print from hashtag because of the multiple copyright ownerships of the photographs.

16. Combining Multiple Accounts In One Order

We are unable to combine multiple Instagram accounts in one order.

17. Paper Stock

We use thick premium matte cards to print your photographs. This is similar in thickness and quality to premium postcards. Because we are using Matte paper, please be aware that the colour saturation of will not be as deep as glossy chemical based photo prints.

18. Selecting Photo on Mobile Devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad)

The photo selection process in mobile devices is a 2 steps-process. Please tap on the photo you want to add, this will bring out the + icon. Please tap on the + icon to add that photo into your selection. To add multiple copies simply tap on the + icon again, the number counter on the photo will then increase. To reduce or remove, simply tap on the - icon on the photo.

19. Film Roll

We no longer offer Film Roll for purchase.

20. Cancellation

Because our production process is automated, please contact us within 15 minutes of order placement if you wish to cancel your order. Unfortunately orders older than 15 minutes cannot be cancelled.

21. Print Quality Guarantee

Each Origrami is made with care. If you encounter any print defect/problem (e.g. print mis-registration, blotches, damages), we'll do our best to fix it for you, or your money back.

We do not give any refund for any missing shipment because of an insufficient or wrong address given by the customer. Slight difference in colour, vibrancy and saturation when comparing the prints to the photo on screen is also normal. If the source photographs is of bad quality, this will resulted in a bad quality prints. This is also no ground for a refund.

22. Other Questions

Please contact us at if you have other questions. We are here to help you.

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Each Origrami is made with care. If you encounter any print defect, we'll do our best to fix it for you, or your money back. *Terms & Conditions apply.